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Lake Tahoe

The Bluest Spot in the Sierras

Lake Tahoe

 Lake Tahoe Highlights

Enjoy both summer and winter in Tahoe with activities such as sailing and kayaking in Emerald Bay, and skiing down the mountain to the gorgeous ski resorts. Enjoy dinners overlooking the snowy mountains, and the clear as crystal lake. 
Lake Tahoe is a destination that really takes the trophy for most naturally beautiful. With the epic landscapes filled with snow-capped peaks and Alpine forests that lend way to a shimmering freshwater lake, it is truly one-of-a-kind.

“I used the Impact team for my company's 100 person trip to Tahoe and could not have been more grateful that I did! Dan and his team were on the ball from day one, helping me plan an awesome itinerary, thinking of every last detail and way to make it an unforgettable trip for my team. They were organized, responsive, friendly, and truly a blast to work with. The whole planning process was seamless and once onsite, they could not have been more helpful! Every detail of the weekend was thought of and executed to perfection. I was truly able to enjoy myself and put full trust that everything was taken care of by the Impact team which, as the person usually doing the planning/running around, was huge!! I recommend using Impact to all of my colleagues and look forward to the next time I can use them myself!” – Sean, Salesforce

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