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Image by Simon Hurry

Take a step back in time to the discovery of Half Moon Bay by Spanish explorers and missionaries on their journey to establish Mission Dolores in San Francisco. Embark on a coastal tour where you'll hear about the numerous shipwrecks along the rocky and treacherous coast that led to the construction of two scenic lighthouses. Half Moon Bay provides a rustic escape from city life with its farm-to-table concepts, fresh seafood, and intimate wineries. Impact will share all the treasures this coastal town has to offer!

Highlights of the Area

  • Take to the sea with whale watching experiences

  • Learn about glass blowing as you sip local wines

  • Bring your boots and check out the local farmsteads

  • Reset with a walk through the Redwoods

  • Experience luxury at The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay 

  • Time it right and catch the world-famous Pumpkin Festival!

Coastal Cuisine

  • Artisan Cheeses

    • Sample award-winning French-style cheese and see how it's made at a local dairy farmstead. 

  • Mountain Wines

    • Experience unique  wines that are artisanal, intimate, and highly personal labors of love.

  • Seafood Specialties

    • Learn more about this beautiful town that boasts some of the best seafood year-round.

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