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Napa  sunny vineyards

Travel and trends are ever-evolving and Wine Country is no different. Grapes have stood as a staple in the valley for more than 150 years, creating a rich history of community, winemaking, and hospitality. Recent years have attracted award-winning chefs, brewers & distillers, and music festivals to the area. With a variety of activities and attractions, the Impact team cannot wait to customize your next experience!

Highlights of the Area

  • Explore trails and discover the beauty of the Valley 

  • Indulge in a culture rich with music, art, and film

  • Rest and reset with a luxurious spa experience

  • Kickstart a new hobby with culinary classes or wine blending 

  • Take to the sky in a hot air balloon

  • Paddle the river on a kayak adventure 

Beyond Wine

  • Art & Culture

    • Dive into the fascinating history of wine and art in this beautiful riverfront town.

  • Mix It Up!

    • Surprise your palate and learn how to create your new favorite cocktail!

  • Foodie Corner

    • The Valley is home to countless Michelin star restaurants and acclaimed chefs!​

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